Meet Team Deso – Known as the girls in Green! 


Our team are all very driven – they all 'have a drive for life’ Pardon the pun ;-)

We choose the perfect day and perfect guide for you! So get an insight of your driver before your tour!

Alicia – Alicia was the local driver and started in the summer of 2014, she loves people and hires her team based on the fact that she loves to hang out with them! 

Alicia is from the Mornington Peninsula and has travelled extensively. Now as a tour guide she loves travelling her own backyard and showing off the beautiful Peninsula.

The best part is meeting new people and driving around the boutique wineries mingling with the locals. It's all about who you know! 

As long as her team, customer's and winery staff are happy, she's happy :-)



Naomi – Nomes is very down to earth and enjoys going with the flow, she’s crusie and intuitive. She's the creative one and has her own business on the side running creative workshops to help young people. I met Nomes through volunteering at the YMCA – she’s very giving, genuine and kind! Nomes is the manager of MPDD and does an exceptional job!

What do you like about being a Deso Driver?

"Working for an amazing boss" (her own words)


What's your passion? 

"Helping people through their vision"

Helen – Aunty Helen we call her, well she is my Aunty! She's local to the Peninsula, loves a day at the wineries herself! Helen is retired and works for DD just for fun!

She's great at ensuring everyone has the best day and is well hydrated! She absolutely loves photogenic people and takes the best pictures! She's definitely one of the highlights of anyone's day! I love working with my fave Aunty!

What do you like about being a Deso Driver?

I love working for DD, I meet the most beautiful and interesting people. If they happen to be a fun group that's a super bonus for me!

What's your passion?

"Making people happy and enjoying life!"

RACH – Local mum living on the Ninch for 6 years now. Runs her own Business in health and fitness and is also a make-up artist on the side. She's a friend of my sister's and has become a close friend of mine. We're lucky to have her in our team. 

What do you like about being a Deso Driver?

"I love the relaxed vibe of doing a tour, being a mum I always feel so rushed with Deso I can just jump in the car and set myself to cruise control. I get to show people around our beautiful town and learn more about it myself. AND Alicia is literally one of the best humans you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting!!"


What's your passion?

"My passion is to help people improve their health and wellbeing by doing that I get to help others in need"


JACKIE - Jackie is a very driven lady, she's well known on the Peninsula for passion in helping small businesses, she goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is happy. Jackie is a very warm and open person who you can feel at ease with. Customer's say its like your friend is driving you around.   


What do you like about being a Deso Driver?

"I love showing people around the area and all our hidden gems, I love sharing my knowledge and love for wine! It's a fun day out for me and everyone is out to have a good time so I love making sure they have a memorable day"   

What's your passion?

"Connecting with people and helping people!"


ANNIE-ROSE - Annie-Rose is a lovely girl who is easy to be around, she works full time and tours on the weekend for a fun day out. She also runs a catering company. I love her drive, kindness and openness. You'll instantly warm to her. 

What do you like about being a Deso Driver?

"It's also a fun day out for me, I love to be around people and learn new things. It doesn't feel like I'm working, it feels like I'm out with friends!"

What's your passion?

"Trying new things and meeting new people"


TRACEY - "I'm an empty nester! I miss my daughter, so this fills in space :-)"

What do you like about being a Deso Driver?

"I love working for you as you're fun and I am passionate about your business as this is something I dreamed of doing! I love meeting new people, their friends and family and giving them a good day out"

What's your passion?

"I love to travel anywhere and love bushwalking, and fun times with friends"

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