My customer's top winery!

I LOVE researching the Peninsula and I'm passionate about what this place has to offer! I grew up here and never took the time to explore my own backyard, it wasn't until I returned from Traveling that my whole world opened up! Did you know there is a place with Albino kangaroo's? Or that a man built a hidden bomb shelter claiming there was going to be a nuclear war here! When I'm not taking others on a tour, I'm taking myself on a tour. I particularly love touring the Wineries (Where's my Designated Driver?!? ;)) This Winery is not on the wine touring map, I heard about it through the grapevine! Like myself she succeeds on word of mouth, It's one of the Peninsula's best kept secrets (Can't

The beginning..

This photo is the beginning of MP Designated Drivers, in the summer of 2014 I drove my Ford Laser down to Sorrento, In the hope to help some people get home safely. I was often the Designated Driver as I rarely drink, I thought I would test out the market. It was risky as a young girl alone.. who knows who I was likely to pick up. Luckily I had some respectful people just begging for a ride home, who wouldn't even remember the ride home! There was one man I will never forget, he told me I was such an entrepreneur... and suggested I start this as a business.. and so I did, even tho he criticized my manual driving skills.... so eventually I upgraded from a manual to an Automatic 7 seater Tara

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