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My customer's top winery!

I LOVE researching the Peninsula and I'm passionate about what this place has to offer! I grew up here and never took the time to explore my own backyard, it wasn't until I returned from Traveling that my whole world opened up! Did you know there is a place with Albino kangaroo's? Or that a man built a hidden bomb shelter claiming there was going to be a nuclear war here!

When I'm not taking others on a tour, I'm taking myself on a tour. I particularly love touring the Wineries (Where's my Designated Driver?!? ;))

This Winery is not on the wine touring map, I heard about it through the grapevine! Like myself she succeeds on word of mouth, It's one of the Peninsula's best kept secrets (Can't believe I'm sharing this with you all)

All my customers would say that this was their favorite winery they visited, it has the WOW factor!! It brings you peace and tranquility while enjoying some very fine wine and a beautiful homemade gourmet platter made by Karen herself.

It's not just about her gorgeous Sangiovese drop! Karen is what makes this place and from my experience... people don't go to wineries just for the wine, they go for the experience and the person serving the wine makes all the difference!

You have to try for yourself and let me take you, along with some other great hidden treasures!

Often people ring me for advice on where to take their friends who are visiting the Peninsula, I advise them on what wineries would suit their needs. I've found this winery fulfills everyone's needs! You drive down Red Hill Shoreham rd, pass the busiest winery on the Peninsula, pass the maze on your left and.... W A L L A.... you can now rest and relax at Panton Vineyard. Best time to go is... Friday and Sunday when the Tourists aren't around! She's open 11-5 Fri, Sat & Sun. She's closing during the quiet time preparing for next season, so get in there quick and enjoy those autumn vineyard leaves!

Try it now before the word spreads through the grapevine :-)

Feel free to call me for local knowledge or advice or pop into the Sorrento Information Center, as I sometimes volunteer in there. Thanks and make the most of what the Peninsula has to offer!


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