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Team Deso continues to grow! How to create an awesome team!

Creating jobs is one of the most rewarding things I have done, not only are we creating more jobs for motivated and enthusiastic locals, we are giving them the opportunity to work in a fun team environment and engage with like minded people.

They are also getting to know their own backyard and get to meet new people everyday! I remember how excited and nervous I was when I took my first tour and I'm proud to now give staff the opportunity to have that same buzz!

It's very rewarding when I hear how much fun they have had with their crew, we share photos and stories about their awesome day! Our customers often send a message the next day thanking us for an awesome experience.

Great staff will often find you, especially when you have similar qualities as the staff you are seeking.

I've bumped into majority of my staff and were drawn to them. One lady was at the beach, one is a family friend, one was my yoga instructor, one is my Aunty and some randoms from Facebook ;-)

Also some of our drivers friends have jumped on board!

Remember: How you act, is what you attract! We attract great staff and also great customers, hence 138 only excellent reviews on trip advisor! Yes I am proud, it proves that hiring someone based on your gut feeling and these three qualities, does work!

I hire staff based on these three qualities:

#1 PERSONALITY - If your staff have a great personality and make you feel good, then they will make your customer's feel good. A great personality is something you recognise in someone within minutes of meeting them and it's what makes them who they are as a person.

Personality is something you're born with and the vibe you give out to the world!

#2 GENUINE - It's a feeling I get when I first meet my staff, they have a warmth about them and I get a feeling of trust and honesty. They are all very kind, caring, authentic and down to earth which rubs off onto their crew. Being around genuine people is a very calming and secure feeling, which is important when someone is driving you around for the day.

It's all about the vibe, if it feels right then hire them!

#3 TRANSPARENT - I love REAL people, people who are open and honest about everything! I learn from my staff and their life experiences. When they share their stories I feel connected to them and also inspired. Often we both open up on our first meeting and this is why I choose to hire them because this builds trust and a relationship where we can completely be ourselves!

I ask myself this one question when hiring ''would I LOVE to hang out with this person?''

That's why most of my staff are now my good friends!

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